About Us

The Farmers Market Group

The Farmers Market Group (FMG) is a management consulting firm for 12 Farmers Market Retail locations across Northern and Central New Jersey. We have been in business for over 35 years and the FMG team manages nearly 300 employees across all markets. All organizational planning, strategy, accounting and H.R tasks are performed by team members at FMG. The FMG’s goal is to provide support for the managers and employees at all store locations while continuing to research and seek additional locations for further growth.

Additionally, the purchasing/buying team work alongside the FMG to ensure that all products reach the markets on a daily basis. Through constant communication between the FMG, the buyer and the management team at the markets, the Farmers Market Retail division has become one of the leaders in our industry.

Why Choose our Markets

Always Fresh

We received new product every single day so there is always something fresh for you to pick from!

Quick Delivery

We get all of your produce to you fast with next day delivery

Refrigerated Delivery

Our delivery vans are refrigerated to keep your produce as fresh as possible from our baskets to your home!

Safe and clean

We follow all stringent sanitizing protocol so your produce is always safe to eat.